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The Evolution of Regulus Platinum Astrology Software


How Regulus Platinum became a world-class astrology program

I first encountered Regulus in its version 1.6 incarnation, as an exceptionally well-designed Huber astrology program. To be honest, I wasn't very familiar with Huber astrology at that time, and had to do some serious "brushing up" in order to review the software.

But even without any real expertise in the Huber approach, I was impressed by just how many features Regulus offered. Clearly, its programmer knew what he was doing, and was very dedicated and adept.

During my correspondence with him as the review process progressed, I also became aware that Juan (the author) was exceptionally responsive to my suggestions. (As a reviewer, I often wear several hats: bug finder, student, software designer, etc.)

He was happy to implement virtually every improvement that I suggested, and so Regulus became able to import files from other software, had more flexibility in many of its calculations, and became even more useable and powerful.

A couple of years later, I wrote the article "Great at Every Price" which compares the top professional Western astrology program.

When Juan heard about the article, he asked what it would take to be included in it. I told him what criteria I was using (all of the programs had to have a pretty extensive feature set, as well as their own unique features), and he said that he was committed to adding to Regulus enough functions to make it worthy of inclusion.

And so began an amazing journey wherein Juan took Regulus from a special niche astrology program to a "Swiss army knife" program of incredible versatility.

Throughout the development process, I watched the program grow and grow in breadth and depth, and helped him to bring each astrological function to fruition.

As he added a Vedic module, sophisticated Hellenistic and Medieval functions, unparalleled Fixed Star resources, and an innovative predictive graph, and much more, my respect for him, and his newly named Regulus Platinum, grew.

By the time Regulus Platinum became ready for release, it had become an astrology program among astrology programs, with truly something for everyone. And the program has more than its share of unique capabilities too, from its History feature, which allows you to view any screen you've ever generated, even from months ago, to its circular harmonic transit graph (which you can see on the screenshots page, to its 100+ tools for modifying the look of printouts.

I invite you to explore all of the resources on this website and learn just how much Regulus Platinum can do.

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