Regulus Platinum Astrology Software -- Frequently Asked Questions

Here is my Regulus Platinum FAQ page. The program has not yet been publicly released but I am anticipating questions that might arise.

A. Why is Regulus Platinum so much more powerful than the previous version of Regulus?

As I mentioned in my story of my experiences with Regulus on the home page of this website, the author of Regulus wanted to bring the program to the level of the top Western astrology programs. And so he devoted a huge amount of time and effort creating many additional modules, and making sure that they were fully developed and polished. His understanding of astrology, and his implementation of features for so many branches of astrology, has made Regulus Platinum outstanding.

B. Does Regulus Platinum have the capabilities of pricier programs?

Even the most expensive astrology programs are comparable with Regulus, not significantly more powerful. While there are some programs with more extensive chart or time searches, and more powerful rectification features, or other capabilities, on the other hand, Regulus has many features better developed than most of the other programs.

To see a comparison of the features of the top astrology programs, click here.

C. Can I get Regulus Platinum mailed to me on CD or only via download?

Actually, on my Regulus Platinum web page, you can choose either or even both. By requesting both by emailing me, you get the program almost immediately via download, and then get a CD in the mail.

But most people just get the download, and burn a copy of the downloaded file onto a CD for backup.

D. What is missing from Regulus Platinum compared to other programs?

Regulus Platinum has a wealth of calculation features, but only a couple of small interpretive reports (natal and transit) built in. And there are no add-on reports available for Regulus Platinum at this time.

Therefore, Regulus Platinum is an incredible program for those who don't need interpretations built in to their software, but not for those who want delineations and add-on reports.

E. What is one of the best things about Regulus?

The author of Regulus Platinum, Juan Pedro Saba, is incredibly responsive. I have received several unsolicited emails from customers who have contacted him, asking for new features, who have reported how wonderful he is, and how he takes all input very seriously, and implements their suggestions as quickly as he can. Outstanding!

F. What about updates?

The author of Regulus Platinum provides free updates for six months after purchase. Unlike many astrology software companies, he doesn't wait for the next version to add many significant enhancements to the program, so this is a very generous update policy.

G. How do I get updates?

Unlike most astrology programs, you don't have to manually check every so often for updates to Regulus Platinum. Instead, every time you run Regulus Platinum, it automatically checks to see if there are any updates, and if so, opens up the web page where you can download the update.

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