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Regulus Platinum is one of the few astrology programs that offers many free updates between versions. These updates often are quite significant, and worth exploring.

Update on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Those who have already purchase Regulus Platinum have the full Automatic Rectification module fully operational. As of today, future purchasers of Regulus Platinum can enable this module for an additional fee of $149.

Juan has added a wonderful table comparing all of the house placements of each planet via different house systems:

Update on Sunday, May 13, 2012

The latest update includes a new icon bar, with the ability to add icons to the bar for any of the program's many functions. You simply right-click on the function in the command tree to add it to the icon bar. This gives you fast access to your favorite program features.

(Note: you can also remove any icon from the icon bar by right-clicking on it.)

There is also the ability to hide the tree of commands, thereby displaying the chart page (or table or time graph) as full screen. This is very handy, and makes everything much more readable.

See these before and after hiding the command window images:

Finally there's an "actual positions" status bar, that shows the current positions for each of the planets.

This is a very worthwhile update!

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