The Great Features of Regulus Platinum

I decided to write a new page for this website about the many wonderful and unique features of Regulus Platinum.

1. The Asteroid Aspect Table

Unlike other astrology programs, Regulus Platinum has pages designed specifically to show the aspects formed to asteroids, fixed stars, and Arabic Parts. The advantage of such pages are that they can include much more information, and cover a much larger number of points.

Here's an image of the first screen of Regulus Platinum's asteroid aspect table:

Note the following: in the above table, there are columns for conjunctions and oppositions to each asteroid (which are the most important aspects) as well as columns for each of the planets, the node, Midheaven, and Ascendant. You can also see the glyph for each asteroid, as well as its longitude, latitude, Right Ascension, and declination.

In the above right-click menu for the asteroid table, you can choose which set of asteroids to show in the table (eight sets are built into Regulus Platinum and you can customize an additional User group of asteroids, as well as add or remove any asteroids from any set.)

You can also sort the table by any of the columns (Great!), set a fixed orb for the aspects, print the table, or draw any asteroid over a birth chart, complete with the aspects to it.

What an incredibly well designed asteroid aspect table!

2. Backup Your Settings

The idea of backups is not very glamorous, and most astrologers don't do any backing up at all and lose everything when their computer dies.

And most astrology programs don't provide any way for you to backup your chart files, customizations and settings. That's a huge oversight because computers crash, get viruses, and suffer other forms of breakdown, and astrologers often spend a lot of time setting their programs up, with default aspect settings, house system, colors, displayed points, etc. as well as creating their own chart wheels, designing their own pages of wheels, tables, etc., not to mention the huge number of hours entering chart data for all of their friends, family, clients, etc.

To lose everything one has painstakingly worked on can be a great loss.

That's why Regulus Platinum's new utility, shown under its Help menu, to Backup Settings, is so valuable. You can choose the folder (or a flash drive) to backup to, and restore everything easily using the Restore Settings under the same Help menu.

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